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To provide long term security for your family, you must have your eyes on the summit of success. The Apex Group can put you over the top in your retirement planning.

The Apex Group offers comprehensive solutions to your questions about retirement. From achieving your retirement goals to planning your estate, Apex is your prime source for financial planning.

Welcome To The Apex Group

Our company specializes in longevity. The Apex Group clients have achieved their short-term and long-term goals through measured and perpetual discipline. Let us help turn your present portfolio into a lucrative future.

Apex structures your plan on an individual basis, catering it to our clients’ specific wants and needs. We offer a suite of services to handle all your retirement needs, from guaranteed income in retirement to investments, from estate planning to long-term care.

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Retirement Planning

As a financial Advisor Representative, the Apex Group specializes in tailoring retirement plans on an individual basis. Our plan is not only to fit your current situation, but also to provide a foundation for growth. Our focus is on safely and securely protecting your future.

Investment Planning

Uncertainty leaves room for opportunity. At The Apex Group, we can solidify tomorrow by planning today. With our time-tested investment strategies, we’ll help you build long-term profitability through short-term planning.

Long Term Care Planning

Life takes many unexpected turns. Be prepared for how you may live in your golden years with our long term care (LTC) planning options. Whether it’s long-term-care insurance of other alternatives, we can put a plan together that will fill your needs and goals.

Estate Planning

Plan not only for your future and what comes after. Clients can build a lasting legacy for their family with The Apex Group.

Surviving Retirement Workshops

Attend one of our lauded “Surviving Retirement Workshops” and learn about all of the complicated issues pertaining to retirement planning.

We teach people how to:

  • Minimize risk in an unstable economy,
  • Protect assets without purchasing long-term-care insurance,
  • Reduce or even eliminate tax on their Social Security,
  • STRETCH their IRA to provide a legacy to their heirs,
  • Discover the drawbacks of leaving money in their company’s retirement plan,
  • Reduce investment risk, lower costs and still meet their goals,
  • How to determine the difference between concentrating on returns they NEED versus returns they WANT,
  • As well as ROTH Conversions – should they or shouldn’t they.
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